Network Printer

Business offices constantly strive to cut costs and increase productivity and functionality and one of the best tools to help them achieve these goals is the network printer. It sounds rather simple doesn't it? However, this type of machine can be anything from a simple laser printer with network capabilities to a large multi-functional machine that can print black and white, color, posters, transparencies and so much more.

With a network printer however, an office will normally see a reduction in office supply costs. A printer of this type typically is built to withstand thousands and thousand of copies and uses ink or toner more efficiently. With individual inkjet printers, cartridges cost is very high and last for a few hundred printed copies. With printers that are network capable, better technology and multi-functionality is incorporated, usually with laser printer quality. The ink or toner for these machines may cost more than an inkjet printer but they will last thousands of copies longer, translating into big savings. .

Automation Care has an extensive inventory of high speed Mono & Colour Laser Printer on rentals, we also carry advanced Color Laser Printers for rent. Your Printer Rental from Automation Care can be directly connected to your computer. If you know your network settings, Automation Care can even configure your Printer with the needed IP and gateway information.