Colour Multi functional Printers

Renting/Leasing IT Equipment like Printers long term is one of the most cost effective ways to use top of the range technology, without taking the risk of this equipment becoming obsolete within 3 years.

Why not let us at Automation Care take the risk associated with Purchasing IT Equipment and offer you long term rental options that will suite your pocket as well as your business requirements.

We are more than capable to provide you with the best quality heavy duty Printers on highly competitive long term lease agreements in terms of product quality, cost and technical support. This will allow you to rest easy and invest your time and money in something that will provide you with a much higher return on investment.


Utilising the finance option means the customer can often acquire higher value equipment while remaining within their budget constraints as well as all of the following advantages:

  • The equipment can be installed and operational without using valuable working capital.
  • The inflation proof rentals remain fixed for the full period of the agreement giving the customer greater control over their
    equipment expenditure.
  • The equipment can be easily upgraded or replace at any time by simply restructuring the schedule of the agreement.